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Creative Director

a force to be reckoned with, Khaled has over 20 years of advertising experience, working with hundreds of national and regional clients.  He's our strategy guy known for killer creative, our on-set director, and our lead editor back at the studio. He's skilled at keeping our client's visions intact while making them feel like a welcomed addition to the team. He also enjoys photography, songwriting, traveling, and producing music with partner in crime Kate.  Together they create music for their noise-pop duo MUNNYCAT and his indie-rock band The Zou. 


Assistant Creative Director

With 10 years of experience, Kate knows the ins-and-outs of both video production and advertising. She's always on set, helping Khaled find his perfect shot, and often edits back at the studio. She also focuses on audio production and web design. She's the lead producer at our sister company Lady Luck Studio, where she creates voiceovers, music beds, and songs for clients. She loves making pop music from scratch, traveling, and playing key-tar for Khaled's band The Zou.


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